Skybound Entertainment and Mega Cat Studios logos over an orange background

Skybound to make a major investment in Mega Cat Studios

Riot Games Social Impact Fund poster

Riot Games announces end-of-year charity event winners

Aloy holds her bow vertically before her in the background. Several enemies from Horizon: forbidden west are showcased in a beutiful field of flowers

Guerilla partners with Studio Gobo to co-develop Horizon universe

iconic marilyn monroe photo next to zimad and life logos

ZiMAD partners with LIFE to bring famous photos to Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Unity and Google logos over a purple background

Unity and Google expand partnership to boost game development

Fractal and Polygon logos over their launch partners and a black background

Solana platform Fractal expands to Polygon

parcel logo

Parcel upgrades its marketplace for Next-Gen Gamers

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