The cast of dregalia lost

Nintendo uses mobile games for marketing

A collage of VIKER's games' symbols

Nefta partners with VIKER to bring blockchain technology to casual mobile games

An in game screenshot of groups of armoured apes attacking a tower with modern weaponry

Flexion to bring Age of Apes to alternative app stores

Paribu Ventures and Fnatic's logos

Paribu Ventures invests in Fnatic

Octane, Wraith, and Bangalore posing between the Apex Legends: Mobile logo

Apex Legends takes the crown on both Google Play Editorials’ and Users’ choice awards

Shima Capital logo under Midnight logo over a light grey background

Stealth startup Midnight launches with $7.5M funding from Shima Capital

Duality Robotics' logo

Duality Robotics and AWS showcase true city-scale simulation demo

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