16th IMGA announces its nominees and a new category!


The 16th International Mobile Gaming Awards Global (IMGA) announced the nominees today. There are 127 games nominated for the Grand Prix. Also, there’s a new prize and it’s “Best Game for 5G”. Because of coronavirus crisis, the location and date of the awards ceremony are still unknown. It’s a tough time for everyone and we already saw the delays and cancellation of different events across the industry.

More than 500 games entered the 16th IMGA this year

As the headline says, more than 500 games were submitted to 16th IMGA this year. That’s a lot of games, therefore there is 256 jury from around the world to test and give their opinions about these games. Their verdict is based upon several things including graphics, storyline, the size of the game, and other criteria. The games that received the highest scores are part of the 127 games nominated. You can vote for your favorite game to help it win the People’s Choice Awards by going to IMGA’s official website. Furthermore, this year the juries are judging massively multiplayer games besides VR and AR games.


Maarten Noyons, founder of the IMGA said the following in a press release:

The IMGA have been a platform for the latest innovations in mobile gaming. Today, we consider 5G as a technology which will have a huge impact on the mobile games of tomorrow, especially for content-rich multiplayer games and VR and AR games. I am very pleased and proud that we can put 5G in the spotlight, thanks to our category sponsor Qualcomm Technologies. Qualcomm brought you 3G and 4G and is now leading the world to 5G.

About International Mobile Gaming Awards

The International Mobile Gaming Awards was created in 2004 and it’s the longest standing mobile games awards programs. It discovered many hit titles such as Angry Birds, Badland, and Monument Valley. Four years ago, IMGA launched local competitions in Southeast Asia, China, and Middle East North Africa, while keeping an international competition.

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