$20 million raised for blockchain-based 4X strategy game Civitas

The decentralized community-driven blockchain game Civitas is being developed by Directive Games.
Funding was provided from the sale of CITI tokens.

A new 4X strategy game based on blockchain is coming. The project, called Civitas, will be developed by Directive Games. Civitas is a community-driven, decentralized, and blockchain-based gaming project.

Civitas game belongs to a decentralized autonomous organization (subDAO). As with many blockchain games, members of this community will have a say in the game. The $20 million fund was raised from the sales proceeds of the game token called CITI.

Civitas will be a game where players will be in constant social interaction. Players who want to build, grow and protect their cities will form alliances, compete and fight with other players.

The game also has a metaverse-like structure. Players will be able to customize the lands where their cities are located as they wish. Since the number of resources in the world of this game is also limited, resources will be precious.

Civitas Product Owner Kent Byers says:

“Since the studio was founded, we have pioneered every single component related to creating large virtual worlds. So how could we not endeavor to be a transformational player in blockchain, yet another key element contributing to bringing closer that moment when our digital lives become more important than our physical ones?”

In addition, Byers states that the game was inspired by Civilization, Settlers of Catan, and Eve Online. On the other hand, he adds that there will be a real economy in Civitas.

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