5 Tips for Critical KPIs

Here are the tips you might need before publishing your game.
crazylabs kpi tips
CrazyLabs underlines important points about KPIs.

CrazyLabs, one of the most successful publishers of the hyper-casual game industry, shared 5 important tips for critical KPIs. Explaining the tips you should pay attention to in the process of publishing your game, which has the potential to be a hit game of the future, CrazyLabs expert team touches on important points that will increase your success in this process.

#5 – 24hrs Usage

Nothing tells you about your players’ experience like the usage in the first 24hrs after they installed the game. The more they play (preferably over 16min), the better: It means you have an attractive theme, a good core game loop, and the right level funnel, but most of all – it means the game has the potential to become profitable.

#4 – CVR

Your video test conversion rate (CVR) is a great indicator and should not be overlooked. If your CVR is significantly low, it means players clicked the ad but never installed the game, which can point to an issue in the store: the icon isn’t a good fit, the screenshots aren’t attractive, the app is too heavy, etc. Make sure the store and the ad depict the same game experience.

#3 – Interstitial Impressions Per User

This indicator tells you how many interstitials a player viewed, so you can optimize your revenues. Too many, and the player might quit. Too little, and you won’t make enough money to cover the cost of the player. Place it right after the player succeeds and optimize the number of interstitials as you go to maximize your investment. 

#2 – Level Started vs. Previous Completed

We monitor these 2 game events and compare the numbers to detect level funnel issues and problems in the core game loop. If there’s a big difference between the numbers, it means players didn’t want to continue playing, and that means you need to dive in, pinpoint the problems in the level funnel and fix them.

#1 – RV Exposure

Since Rewarded Videos (RVs) usually start from the 3rd level onward, this is a good indicator of whether the game is attractive and ‘sticky’ enough. The better the appeal, the higher the RV exposure. However, if the RV exposure is low, this means either that the game isn’t that appealing, or that the RV needs to be repositioned for optimal exposure within the level or on the mobile screen.

Now, it’s time to publish your game with CrazyLabs! Test your game on the CLIK Dashboard and turn it into a profitable game!

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