What developments will 5G bring to esports and mobile games?

5G will democratize high-speed gaming for everyone.
5G mobile gaming

The popularity of mobile games has recently increased significantly, and the main reason for this is the development of technology day by day. With the gaming industry in itself going a long way, the industry has now become more than just a form of entertainment. For many, this is described as a lifestyle or even a career. What factors do you think might have caused this?

We can list many reasons that can explain the increasing interest in mobile games and esports. Of course, the fact that technology has become better and more accessible over time has greatly contributed to this interest. This interest started with 3G, which turned into LTE, and now it’s time for 5G technology. This type of mobile internet speed also increases the player base as it makes it easier for people to play their favorite games remotely without any disruption or interruption in their gaming experience.

number of mobile players in the world
Around 2.7 billion people in the world are considered gamers.

In addition, more and more people have smartphones, and the difficult process brought by the pandemic has caused people to spend more time on their smartphones and mobile devices. In 2020, the pandemic began to affect society deeply, and many people sought ways to distract themselves during the quarantine process. Industry analysts claim that around 2.7 billion people in the world are considered players. However, as new technologies emerge and more people pick up their phones and tablets to play games, one inevitably wonders how the gaming industry will continue to evolve.

We can count many leading names such as Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans, PUBG Mobile, and Pokémon GO among the names that pioneered the rapid growth of the mobile game industry. The mobile gaming industry also includes many mobile gamers who prefer simpler game formats such as puzzle games, casual games, hyper-casual games, and more. Regardless, the reason mobile games are so popular is the fact that people of all ages know they can always find something to enjoy.

How will 5G affect the gaming industry?

With 5G technology now being integrated into the present, we can say that there really is no better time to play games. Looking at 5G, this era of technological entertainment seems to appeal primarily to the world’s gaming community. We must remind again that 5G technology is a revolutionary internet technology where mobile gamers can enjoy their favorite games in any environment, and it will be one of the most important elements that encourage people to play.

5G mobile gaming
5G will be 10 times faster than 4G.

Wi-Fi technology is still as robust and reliable as before, but it won’t always be accessible to everyone. Fortunately, 5G will be a great option for mobile gamers who want a quick game with their friends, even if they don’t have immediate access to a Wi-Fi connection. Confidence in 5G for gaming will become even more pronounced as the technology continues to expand around the world. However, how fast is 5G really?

According to tests and studies, it is claimed that 5G can provide ten times faster internet speed than traditional 4G. This kind of internet speed can perfect a player’s experience as a whole. In addition, it is claimed that the time required to transfer data from one device to another is significantly improved thanks to 5G technology.

5G technology will also stand out in the esports industry

As we mentioned earlier, gaming is no longer just a form of entertainment. Games are no longer just a means of entertainment. Many people have found ways to make money from games in such a popular industry and have drawn very important career paths from them.

5G technology and esports
5G speed will greatly contribute to the development of professional mobile gamers.

In fact, the esports industry was further legitimized when it made its debut at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. This should not come as a surprise, as Asia has the most colorful and vibrant esports community in the world. 5G’s democratization of high-speed gaming for everyone means that it will be easier to create new professional players and develop skills in the esports community thanks to 5G technology.

Finally, let’s underline this again: Thanks to higher internet speeds, more people will have the chance to play games in the best possible settings and conditions. This means being able to build a better audience of professional esports, which inevitably leads to a higher competitive quality in the future.

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