5×5 Gaming gives a sneak peek of its new mobile strategy game Battle of Kingdoms

Reportedly, users will be able to collect and sell game characters as NFTs.
Battle of Kingdoms characters over a Battle of Kingdoms logo

5×5 Gaming has revealed some information about their upcoming mobile strategy game, Battle of Kingdoms. The game will combine the mechanics of Autochess, RTS, and CCGs in a historical setting full of armies from the past ages.

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Players will be able to collect, level up, and go into battle with great warriors from history. The game will also feature a Global Marketplace where gamers can sell or trade their units and characters as NFTs.

Battle of Kingdoms will support PvP battles as well, where players can strategize and synergize their playstyle by customizing their decks. Gamers will get a chance to build their decks by playing the PvE mode and collecting cards.

Founder and CEO of 5×5 Gaming, Deniz Gezgin, has expressed his excitement about the upcoming game with these words:

“We are big lovers of RTS and CCG games, world history, and different cultures across the world. We’re building the Battle of Kingdoms to share our passion for those cultures along with the history behind them. Our goal is to create games for people to make social connections, compete and have lots of fun.”

David Demers, the Lead Producer of the game, further commented on the decision to introduce NFTs into Battle of Kingdoms:

“We are huge believers of digital collectibles and true asset ownership, so all of our games starting with Battle of Kingdoms will give the players the ability to tokenize the characters and in-game items they earn.”

The game will be available in a free-to-play manner, different from other NFT games. Users will not be required to invest in any cryptocurrency or give out wallet information and be allowed to earn free NFT cards from the get-go. 5×5 Gaming has investments and support from familiar names in the industry, such as Com2uS, 1Up Ventures, Dialectic Capital, Lucid Blue Ventures, The Sandbox, and YGG.

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