70% of video game developers are not interested in NFTs

Despite the NFT craze in the game industry, most game developers want nothing of NFTs.
nft game development
NFTs are, for most of the developers, still just hype.

The past five months were all about NFT games, and we sure wrote a lot about them. First NFTs, then NFTs in games; many game industry giants hopped on the hype train.

According to figures presented by SafeBettingSites.com, video game developers do not share the same interest in NFT gaming with the media. 70% of video game developers are not interested in implementing NFT mechanics in their games. NFTs still have an abysmal implementation in the game industry.

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Source: SafeBettingSites.

The NFT game model lets players earn money by playing games. NFT games like Axie Infinity and Alien Worlds have tasted popularity among crypto enthusiasts. This popularity meant revenue: Axie Infinity token has a market cap of $3.8 Billion, and Alien Worlds yields more than a million user base. As per another SafeBettingSites.com report, NFT games generated $2.32 billion in revenue in the 2021 Q3.

NFT games were predominantly interested in South Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. In these countries, people consider playing NFT games a legitimate way to earn an income. According to the annual State of the Game Industry survey, the video game developing community doesn’t share this enthusiasm regarding NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

As per the data available on Statista that included 2700+ developers, 70% of developers surveyed said that they have nothing to do with NFTs in their games. 21% of developers were flagged as ‘somewhat interested’ in NFTs in their games.

7% of surveyed developers are ‘very interested’ in including NFTs in their games, while only 1% admitted to already using NFTs.

Source: SafeBettingSites

The developers are not exactly enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies either. In the survey, 72% of developers said they wouldn’t experiment with cryptocurrencies of any kind in their games. The data seems pretty similar to those of NFTs. 21% of developers are ‘somewhat interested,’ and 6% are ‘very interested.’ Just <1% of developers are currently implementing cryptocurrencies in their games.

“NFT games form a big part of the NFT market. However, these games have a long way to go before finding mass adaptation. Most of the user base for these games comes from countries where these games are viewed as source of income rather than source of entertainment.”

Vyom Chaudhary, an editor at SafeBettingSites.com
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