A free program for founders from historically marginalized

by Sercan Tahtalı
Damage Labs

Toronto-based DMG (Damage Labs) has recently launched the Damage Labs Studio Startup program to help founders from marginalized groups build studios in Canada.

Within the scope of the accelerator program, training will be given on product development and how to access investment. The program will provide free training and coaching on all aspects of starting a game business. In addition to these, there will be workshops, one-on-one coach training, and group work.

DMG said on Twitter that Studio Startup would focus specifically on “ethical working frameworks, alternative funding and cooperative structures.”

You can apply for the program even if you do not have a team yet. You don’t need to have any prototypes or a demo. However, if you have received funding for a game project, it must have been at least five years because the program wants to game startup founders with under a year of experience.

Another good news is that although the program primarily targets people currently living in Canada, as long as you plan to set up your studio in the country, you can join the program even if you are not now living there.

Studio Startup will be prioritizing “those who have been socially and structurally excluded from accessing capital, professional networks, AAA studio employment or career progression,” according to a statement made on the website.

Applications will be open between 14-30 September. More information about the program will be made on September 10th.

You can find the necessary information about the program on the official site.

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