Admix announces a new partnership with IAS

Admix partners up with the global leader in digital ad verification.

Admix, the pioneering In-Play advertising platform that bridges the gap between mobile games and brands, announces a new partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global leader in digital ad verification. This integration with IAS makes Admix the only In-Play advertising company to offer ad inventory that is measured and verified by a trusted, independent partner.

Admix In-Play Advertising verified for the first time by IAS.

This ground-breaking news means that the quality of Admix’s In-Play advertising is independently assessed and verified with the same rigor as wider digital inventory. This measurement is enabled by the powerful technology that IAS provides, helping to unlock significant potential across the In-Play category for the entire mobile advertising ecosystem, from brands to mobile game developers.

Admix offers the most advanced, scalable In-Play platform, empowering advertisers to programmatically target and reach highly engaged audiences across billions of hours of gameplay. Until now, however, Admix created its own measurement tools, meaning the industry was unable to invest at scale with the same confidence provided by this integration with IAS.

Samuel Huber, CEO, and Co-Founder at Admix commented:

“Admix’s new partnership with IAS is the first in a number of initiatives to standardize In-Play viewability and performance. While we have always been confident in our technology and our approach, ultimately having our solution verified by a trusted independent partner such as IAS is vital to our vision for gaming as a media channel. This announcement will be ground-breaking not just for Admix, our developers, and advertisers, but for the entire category. At Admix, we regularly hear from agencies who recognize that gaming is a huge part of media consumption and want to make video gaming part of their core strategy. Until now, they have been hamstrung by a lack of third-party verification. Thanks to IAS and our technology, brands, and agencies can now jump in with full confidence and put compelling, premium ad experiences in front of mobile gaming’s 2.5 billion players.”

Chance Johnson, Chief Revenue Officer at IAS, commented:

“Working with Admix, we’re delivering a critical viewability solution for In-Play advertising that gives marketers the tools they need to invest confidently. By bringing trusted measurement and greater transparency to the high-growth In-Play gaming market, we’re helping brands, agencies, and mobile game developers ensure the quality of their advertising.”

Ron Amram, Senior Director, Global Media at Mars, commented:

“Mars is committed to media innovation and its obligation to maintain brand and social safety. We need partners and solutions, like IAS’s verification of an in-game advertising partner, which allows us to strike that balance.”

It is stated that partnership with IAS will help increase media quality and buyer confidence.

Publishers have already experienced stable and sustainable income through Admix’s self-serve platform and no-code SDK, but the partnership with IAS will help increase media quality and buyer confidence. Just as crucially, Admix offers marketers access to superior inventory to gradually reduce their reliance on interruptive advertising, such as interstitials and rewarded video, thereby improving player experience and retention.

This announcement signals gaming’s transition from the most popular activity to dominant media, heralding a transformative moment for the advertising industry as it approaches mobile gaming and its 2.5 billion audiences with previously unthinkable confidence. Powered by Admix’s pioneering technology, In-Play is set to become the dominant media channel for the next decade and beyond.

What is Admix?

Admix’s pioneering platform is the bridge between gaming and advertising, driving the “In-Play” movement by integrating data-driven ads and product placement into immersive gameplay experiences. With the largest In-Play ad inventory combined with rich user-level data, the Admix platform delivers 100% viewability and in-depth measurement. With Admix, advertisers can rapidly reach new audiences at scale through some of the world’s best-loved titles. Founded in 2018 by Samuel Huber and Joe Bachle-Morris, Admix now works with over 500 advertisers to monetize more than 300 games of all sizes and has raised more than $12 million in VC funding.

If you would like to learn more details about Admix’s In-Play ads, you can check out our YouTube video where we have discussed this topic with the CEO of Admix, Samuel Huber, down below.


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