Adverty launches two new mobile games in partnership with Blayze Games

adverty blayze games
Adverty will have in-game ads powered by Blayze Games.

Adverty and Blayze Games announced a partnership that integrates multi-patented In-Play™ ad technology into Blayze’s Bullet Force and Forward Assault, to boast more than 30 million global downloads combined.

This partnership represents Blayze Games’ entry to in-game advertising while playing to Adverty’s experience in FPS games which is one of the most fruitful genres to carry brand advertising in.

“We love FPS games for several reasons – not least the fact that our technology is specifically designed for 3D environments. They are also very attractive to advertisers looking to reach a well-defined and often hard-to-reach ‘gamer’ audience. Third, it is in 3D games such as these that our patented BrainImpression™ technology is at its strongest. These games are so much fun to play. With the addition of Bullet Force and Forward Assault we are further expanding our global reach and we very much look forward to a long partnership with our friends at Blayze Games.”

Thorbjorn Warin, CSO of Adverty.

“This is our first foray into In-Play™ advertising for our games and we are already extremely happy with the results. We took a few weeks to gradually roll the format out to our user base, carefully monitoring both player feedback as well as technical performance. I am happy to say both were unaffected by the inclusion of this new ad unit, and we are very excited to add a new stream of revenue for our games.”

Clint Wilde, CEO of Blayze Games
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