Adverty and Wolves Interactive partner on In-Game advertising

Adverty’s patented In-Game ad technology is coming to Wolves Interactive’s Motorbike – Traffic Racer.
Adverty brings its In-Game ad solution to the beloved racing game.

Motorbike – Traffic Racer from Istanbul-based Wolves Interactive has been downloaded more than 10 million times since its launch in 2018 and has created a unique player base. Now, Adverty’s in-game advertising technology will be integrated into Motorbike – Traffic Racer. This partnership between Adverty and Wolves Interactive also means the first output of the Istanbul team of the advertising company. The Turkish city of Istanbul is increasingly becoming a center.

Thorbjorn Warin, Adverty CSO, said in the press release:

“We are delighted to announce this exciting partnership with Wolves Interactive. Racing games are a great fit for our ad format and highly sought after by advertisers. Wolves stands among the very top developers in the world for this type of game, offering superb, life-like graphics which appeal to well-defined and otherwise hard-to-reach target audiences. We are honored that they have chosen to work with us and we look forward to a long and highly successful partnership.”

Marawan Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer at Wolves Interactive, adds:

“As a company, we are very focused on optimizing our advertising revenue, and in our view there is no format that shows more promise for growth than In-Play advertising. We have designed the In-Play ads for Motorbike – Traffic Racer specifically, so that they are displayed in a native, organic way, ensuring that the player experience is optimised.”

Motorbike – Traffic Racer is one of the favorite mobile games of racing game lovers with realistic graphics. The game, which can be played on both iOS and Android platforms, will be able to achieve its goals with specially designed advertisements without disturbing the player experience. Adverty’s in-game ad technology is a powerful solution that can serve this purpose.

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