America accounted for 28% of all mobile gaming spending

America continues to grow in the mobile market.
2021 mobile game report sensor tower
The 2021 mobile game report has been published.

America continues to be one of the leading countries in the mobile gaming industry. The country alone accounted for 28% of total mobile gaming spending worldwide.

America has been growing since 2017

State of Mobile Gaming 2021 report has been published by Sensor Tower. The report contained some noteworthy items. The US market share of mobile consumer spending has been increasing since 2018, leaving Japan behind as the world’s leading region in 2019. Japan accounted for 22% of market spending, and China contributed 18% of the global market’s 2020 revenue. The report does not include Google Play store statistics of China’s market spending as it is not available in the country.

In downloads, India took the lead with 9.7 billion, taking 12% of all apps installed during this year. The marketing firm shared that India is the only country that has earned more than 10% of game downloads since 2017. The next largest regions for downloads, the US and Brazil, accounted for 7% and 6% of market downloads in 2020.

Sensor Tower also accounted for 77% of mobile game revenues in the United States, Japan, China, South Korea, and Taiwan in 2020, but they were only able to receive 32% of downloads. The report stated that the reason for this discrepancy in downloads is evidence that it is easier to acquire new users in most markets than to convert them into paying users.

Global player spending is estimated to reach $ 117 billion by 2023 on the App Store and Google Play. The Southeast Asian market was predicted to be the fastest-growing region with 88% growth between 2020 and 2023.

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