Animoca Brands acquired Scratch Wars developer Notre Game Studio

Animoca Brands wants to leverage the expertise of the Notre Game team.
Notre Game's famous game Scratch
Notre Game attracted the attention of Animoca Brands with its innovative and hybrid game.

Animoca Brands, which set out to develop game and metaverse property rights and is frequently on the agenda with its investments in the blockchain playground, announced that it had acquired Notre Game Studio. Notre Game is known for developing and publishing Scratch Wars.

In its announcement, Animoca Brands refers to Notre Game Studio as “a studio that develops innovative and bold projects in areas avoided by most mobile game developers.” Indeed, Scratch Wars is a hybrid card game with both physical and virtual elements. The number of successful games in this field is also very few.

Scratch Wars has cards sold in physical stores. The game is also available in app stores. The game, which successfully implemented a hybrid model, earned 2 million Euros in a short time from physical card sales only after its release in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Users can make their own drawings for cards purchased from physical stores and add them to the library by scanning them through the application. This system, which is very suitable for the NFT concept, quickly attracted the attention of Animoca Brands, and the company bought 100% of Notre Game Studio. Notre Game’s management and staff will continue to run the company.

Regarding the subject, Yat Siu, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, said:

“We were impressed by the innovation and boldness that Notre Game demonstrated with its physical-virtual hybrid game model. The company has a solid team with strong leadership and the kind of experience and mindset that we are looking for in our mission to contribute to the establishment of the open metaverse.”

Jiří Mikoláš, CEO and game designer of Notre Game, added:

“Thanks to the vision of Animoca Brands, we now have the opportunity to show our ideas to the whole world, marking an important culmination of our game development efforts after years of hard work.”

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