Blockchain game giant Animoca Brands acquires 70 percent of Darewise

Darewise has a lot of experience in AAA game development.
Darewise focuses on blockchain games.

Animoca Brands announced that it has acquired 70 percent of Darewise, the developer of the blockchain-based metaverse game Life Beyond. The Sandbox’s parent company, Animoca Brands, recently acquired racing games developer Eden Games.

Paris-based Darewise was founded in 2018 by Benjamin Charbit and Samuel Kahn, who previously worked at Ubisoft. Darewise has a team of around 100 people who have previously been involved in developing various AAA Ubisoft games, including games such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Dying Light 2. The company is currently developing a blockchain-based, multiplayer online game called Life Beyond.

Life Beyond will soon take its place among Web3 games. The company announced that the NFTs necessary for the game to be played would soon be distributed via airdrops. After the game’s development process is completed, a game-specific token will be released. In this way, the game will turn into a decentralized organization (DAO) over time.

The purchase amount was not disclosed. Since the concept of blockchain-based gaming emerged, Animoca Brands has invested in over 100 projects and has recruited many developers. In the coming days, Life Beyond, which has received the support of Animoca Brands, will be offered to users.

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