Animoca Brands and SUPERPLASTIC partnered

Animoca Brands and SUPERPLASTIC have formed a partnership to enhance the metaverse experience for the Headtripz SUPERPLASTIC NFT project.
Animoca and SUPERPLASTIC NFT collaborated.

Animoca Brands and SUPERPLASTIC, which are frequently mentioned in the blockchain game world, announced a new partnership. As a result of the deal, Headtripz SUPERPLASTIC NFTs will now be available in The Sandbox and REVV Racing.

SUPERPLASTIC is a global entertainment company. After the auction at Christie’s Auction, the company expanded its plans, which also made a splash in NFTs. Having signed a deal with Animoca Brands for Headtripz SUPERPLASTIC NFTs, the company has taken a decisive step into the metaverse.

The NFT mentioned above collection contains more than 10 thousand NFTs. Developed with the collaboration of famous names from the worlds of art, music, and fashion, NFTs include contributions from Jim Jones, Iann Dior, GUCCI GHOST, KID SUPER, OG Slick, E40, SSUR, and Paris Hilton.

This NFT collection will come together with Animoca Brands games. In the partnership established to improve the Metaverse experience, after the first NFT distribution, NFT owners will be able to use them in REVV Racing. These NFTs will then start trading on The Sandbox’s NFT market.

REVV Racing is a blockchain-based, play-to-earn arcade motor racing game. SUPERPLASTIC NFTs are 15% off for a while for those who want to buy them using REVV or SAND tokens.

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