Anzu partners with ad technology platform Smart

Anzu announced that it has partnered with the ad technology platform Smart.
Anzu Smart
Anzu has partnered with ad technologies platform Smart.

In-game advertising firm Anzu has partnered with ad technology platform Smart to access the full spectrum of Smart’s SSP features. Likewise, premium in-game inventories will be made available to Smart partners and advertisers across mobile, PC, and console through the partnership.

Anzu stated that in Q4 2021, average viewability rates were 88 percent for banners and 96 percent for videos. On the other hand, Smart remained one of the top performers for SSPs in open market activity.

Yaniv Rozencweig, Vice President of Anzu, made the following comments about the partnership:

“We are thrilled to work with Smart, as it is a well-established and highly respected ad tech platform that is a partner to many established advertisers and demand-side players.”

With games being relatively untapped as a platform for advertisers and in-game advertisements being shown in non-irritating formats, Anzu notes that 66 percent of UK gamers are either positive or neutral when it comes to such advertisements.

Rozencweig added:

“Smart recognises the value that we bring, and together we will enable their advertisers to reach the highly coveted gaming audience.”

Lionel Bensoussan, Executive Vice President of Smart North America, said:

“As the growth of premium in-game inventory has given rise to more and more opportunities for advertisers to reach engaged and qualified audiences at scale, we’re thrilled to welcome Anzu among our SSP clients for all its formats, including video.”

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