Apex Legends Mobile earned almost $5M in its first week

Despite being released during the post-COVID normalization period, Apex Legends Mobile took its place in the list of the best debuting games.
Apex Legends first week revenues
Apex Legends dazzled with its first week revenues.

The mobile version of Apex Legends, which has attracted significant interest from PC and console players since its release, was released on May 17. Apex Legends Mobile, which attracted great interest from the first day, generated $4.8 million in revenue in just one week.

According to a study by Sensor Tower, the game has been the most downloaded in the App Store in 60 countries since its first day of release. The USA was the market where the game was downloaded the most. India took second place, and Brazil took third place.

The USA was the country that brought the most revenue to Apex Legends Mobile. With $2.1 million in revenue, the US accounted for about 44% of the game’s first week revenues. Japan and Thailand followed the USA. The main reason the ranking here is different from the number of downloads is that India and Brazil have weaker economies.

Apex Legends Mobile’s $4.8 million revenue seems pretty high when compared to PUBG Mobile, one of its closest rivals. PUBG Mobile earned only 600 thousand dollars in its first week of release. On the other hand, another competitor, Call of Duty: Mobile, generated $14.8 million in revenue in its first week of release. Looking at these two comparisons, it is possible to say that Apex Legends Mobile started with an average income.

Apex Legends Mobile has been released for free to play on mobile, just as on PC and consoles. For this reason, the primary source of revenue for the game comes from in-app purchases. The sale of cosmetics and the Battle Pass system are the biggest sources of game revenue.

Another note is that Apex Legends was released during the post-COVID normalization period. The game, which came after the pandemic process in which the entire game industry entered a period of collective rise, has a revenue of $ 4.8 million in the first week is more than enough to put itself on the list of successful games. In this period when puzzle, casino, and strategy games peaked on mobile, the battle royale genre managed to maintain its place.

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