Turkish game studio sold its two biggest games to the American technology giant

The two most profitable games of Loop Games were sold.
applovin loop games match 3d
Applovin has acquired two of Loop Games’ top revenue-generating games.

According to our hearsay, Ankara-based Loop Games has sold its main games Match 3D and Match Tile to Silicon Valley-based AppLovin.

loop games applovin match 3d
Match 3D

According to information received from close sources, AppLovin has purchased two of Loop Games’ top revenue-generating games. Sales figures have not reached us yet.

AppLovin also owns the hyper-casual game developer and publisher Lion Studios, and marketing tools that assist mobile apps such as AppDiscovery, MAX, Spark Labs, Adjust.

Two popular mobile games with high revenues, Match 3D and Match Tile have already started to be exhibited by Lion Studios in app stores.

Details coming soon!

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