The state of eCommerce app marketing by AppsFlyer – 2022 edition

The report includes expert opinions from Meta, eBay and Marisa.
AppsFlyer The State of eCommerce App Marketing 2022 cover art

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 has introduced a new phase for eCommerce app marketing: post-COVID cooling off.  Moreover, the world’s largest economies are struggling with rising inflation levels and supply chain disruptions. However, the wrapping up bit of 2022 is due to some large worldwide events that are likely to make people spend more, like the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022.

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To help you understand the eCommerce scene in 2022, AppsFlyer prepared a detailed and insightful report so that you can make data-driven decisions and come up with solid marketing strategies.

The state of marketing report by AppsFlyer (2022) was prepared by the company’s experts with contributions from Meta, eBay, and Marisa’s industry veterans. It dives deep into consumer spending trends, remarketing, user acquisition, and re-engagement topics and covers the period between January 2021 to July 2022.

The in-depth analysis and benchmarks in this report cover 19 markets worldwide and include tips on how you can cook up an eCommerce strategy and prepare user acquisition budgets by market.

Furthermore, it shows you what’s left of the year, highlighting possible pitfalls and peculiarities.

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