Atari celebrates its 50th anniversary with a surprise NFT collection

NFTs published in collaboration with Atari and Republic Realm were called “GFTs,” which were designed to be gifted.
Atari 50th year NFT
Atari is 50 years old!

Republic Realm, the developer of the Metaverse and NFT ecosystems, recently announced the GFT collection of the legendary arcade brand. The collection in question was created to celebrate Atari’s 50th anniversary and was named GFT to create the perception of Gift.

These GFTs are NFTs that appear in a sealed gift box. The surprise inside the box is unlocked when the NFT opens. GFTs are connected to the Ethereum blockchain and work the same as any other NFT. The Atari collection includes 10 GFTs inspired by Atari’s 50-year legacy in video games. Each GFT will be produced in limited numbers, some rarer than others.

An Atari GFT

On the subject, Wade Rosen, CEO of Atari, says:

“The Atari brand is synonymous with video games, and video gaming is the backbone of the metaverse. What better way to commemorate Atari’s 50th anniversary than by ushering in a new era of technological innovation while also honoring the brand that launched the modern video game industry?”

The Atari commemorative GFT collection will be on sale at the GFT Shoppe. The same platform will be used for other Atari NFTs that are likely to be put up for sale in the future. The power of Republic Realm is behind the creation of the GFT collection. On the subject, Janine Yorio, CEO of Republic Realm, made the following statements:

“GFTs are like Hallmark Cards for the next generation, a more exciting, meaningful gift than either a greeting card or a gift certificate. We are so excited to kick off the grand opening of Republic Realm’s GFT Shoppe with an iconic brand like Atari, and look forward to announcing more brand collaborations in the future.”

The Atari commemorative GFT collection was put on sale as of February 1, 2022. Atari’s memorabilia collection, which steers the world of video games, seems to attract significant interest from its fans.

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