Axell Studio to attend CES 2022 as the only Turkish game company

Axell Studio will take its place at the fair with its own ecosystem Portuma and Portoken.
axell studio ces fair 2022
Axell Studio will be the only Turkish game studio at CES Fair.

Axell Studio has become the only game company from Turkey to be accepted to CES 2022, one of the world’s most important technology fairs, held in Las Vegas every year in January.

At the CES Fair, which will take place on January 5-8, many products will be introduced under virtual and augmented reality, as well as game, automobile, TV and smart home technologies. And Axell Studio will take its place at the CES Fair with its formation Portuma and Portoken.

Portuma brings together in-game advertising spaces and brands with real-time bidding. Bringing game developers and brands that want to advertise together, Portuma brings us a brand new advertising experience. Portoken, on the other hand, is used as a cryptocurrency developed as an in-game purchase system.

The fact that Portuma created an innovation in the advertising world, in this sense, prompted game companies in a short time. It has also recently signed its first partnership agreement with Oxo Games. Oxo Games has nearly 80 mobile games and nearly 5 computer games. Players of Oxo Games will now be able to earn while playing and have uninterrupted gaming experiences.

Mobile, PC and console game companies can purchase in-game advertising spaces with Portuma. Purchases are made in Portoken currency. Thus, brands can carry out a much more effective awareness strategy with up-to-date advertising spaces.

Game companies are currently negotiating with Axell Studio for the project.

Back Streets, the first game of the company, will be showcased in the global market, while Portuma and Portoken will be at the fair to partner with the global game and metaverse projects.

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