Azerion and MGA Entertainment announce partnership to gamify MGA brands

Azerion launches a content partnership with MGA Entertainment to gamify existing iconic MGA Entertainment brands.
Logos of Azerion and MGA Entertainment
Azerion continues to further extend its footprint of bringing games to life with this partnership.

The digital entertainment and media platform Azerion announced the launch of its global digital content partnership with one of the world’s largest private toy companies, MGA Entertainment. The two companies together will work on producing games based on MGA Entertainment’s iconic brands and bring these to the casual gaming world.

Azerion’s new line of games will bring popular brands such as L.O.L. SURPRISE! O.M.G., RAINBOW HIGH, and Na! Na! Na! Surprise to the gaming world. The studio will launch a portal exclusively for MGA games in Q3 2022, covering the full cycle from production to distribution and monetization of titles.

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The entertainment and media platform will also handle the marketing and event activities to expand the reach of the branded games and engage the fan community.

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Azerion, Umut Akpinar said:

“We have all watched the huge success of the likes of L.O.L. Surprise!, so we are excited to act as the partner of choice to MGA Entertainment on gamifying their brands and bringing quality games to this demographic. Azerion is dedicated to offering a quality gaming experience to end-users and developing deep interaction with brands. It will mark another important development in the targeting of this key market for us. We look forward to seeing how the addition of such iconic IPs to the portfolio raises engagement across our publishers’ networks and improves reach for advertisers.”

The CEO and founder of MGA Entertainment, Isaac Larian said:

“MGA Entertainment has a long history of creating successful consumer brands that resonate with kids and teenagers. Through this new partnership, we hope to provide fans of our popular toy characters with a series of casual games that bring them to life in a new dimension. Azerion’s platform and rich experience will centralize all key activities, opening a new window to gaming for us and strengthen our foothold in delivering unique experiences to our worldwide audience.”

Azerion aims to extend its footprint of bringing games to life to its family and teenage audience with this partnership.

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