The winners of BAFTA’s Young Game Designers competition are announced

The winners of BAFTA Young Game Designers (BAFTA YGD) had the opportunity to receive mentorship from experts.
BAFTA YGD will offer career opportunities to young talents.

The winners of the BAFTA YGD, organized by the initiative of the British Academy of Film Awards (BAFTA), have been announced. Talented youth under the age of 18 were awarded.

The finalists of the competition were announced on 9 June. Since then, young game developers and designers have showcased their talents to stay ahead of their competitors. The winners of the categories divided by age groups were as follows:

  • 10-14 age group Game Concept Award: Tiled in Twilight
    • 13-year-old Jasmine Guan won first place among 10 finalists with Tiled in Twilight.
  • 10-14 age group Game Making Award: Egglien
    • 14-year-old Alfie Wilkinson won first place among 10 finalists with his own game called Egglien.
  • 15-18 age group Game Concept Award: Carrier Pigeon: World Tour
    • 18-year-old Jaime Williams won the category with Carrier Pigeon: World Tour.
  • 15-18 age group Game Making Award: Space Boids
    • 15-year-old Andrew Ah-Weng took first place with Space Boids.
Jasmine Guan’s “Tiled in Twilight”

The champions were entitled to participate in an exhibition held at the  Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. BAFTA wants to introduce these young talents to expert mentors and offer them career opportunities.

Kevin Price, interim CEO of BAFTA, said:

“Once again we were blown away by the level of creativity and passion embodied in our four winning games this year. BAFTA Young Game Designers will continue to support the next generation of game-creators, and we are delighted that this offers young people across the UK the chance to pursue their passion at such an early stage. Congratulations to all. Bring on next year’s entries.”

As you know, BAFTA is an organization that gives awards to cinema and television productions. BAFTA awards are extremely prestigious. The organization has also held competitions for young game developers for the last four years (since 2019). In this context, it is possible to say that the BAFTA YGD awards are also extremely prestigious.

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