NFT-using game Blankos Block Party will launch on Epic Games

Blankos Block Party, by NFL Rivals developer Mythical Games, will be released on the Epic Games Store.
Mythical Games Blancos
The game developed by Mythical Games will be published on the Epic Games Store.

Blankos Block Party, an NFT game developed by Mythical Games, announced the launch of Epic Games along with the NFT NYC event. In addition, stating that they have reached a new milestone with the number of 1 million accounts, the company added that many new games are on the way. The aim of the company is to make the game more discoverable and accessible with Epic Games.

Mythical, supported by Andreessen Horowitz last year, managed to collect $150 million in investment with a valuation of $1.25 billion. After this investment, the company announced that it would develop the blockchain football game NFL Rivals.

As you know, this will not be the first NFT game published on Epic Games. GRIT, a controversial game developed by Gala Games in the past weeks, was also published on the Epic Games Store.

Blankos Block Party is an action game released on PC and Mac platforms that allows players to create and interact together in 3D environments. The game uses custom avatars with distinctive designs and NFT collections of items to represent user-owned items. Users can resell existing NFTs through Blankos’ marketplace or combine them to create new NFTs.

This isn’t the first deal the game has made. Mythical Games, which announced a partnership with Burberry in the past, managed to carry this partnership to the Blankos game. They did not forget to reinforce their Burberry partnership thanks to Blankos with their social media posts.

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