Bored Ape hits a new record

The BAYC project continues to be one of the stars of the NFT world.
Behind the BAYC collection is the support of celebrity names.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT project has reached a new milestone. Bored Ape, which has attracted significant attention since its publication, has got a new personal record. BAYC NFT project, which reached half a million unique followers on Twitter, saw 83 ETH at the base prices in OpenSea. This means a new record.

The base price is the lowest price of all Bored Ape products, including unreleased NFTs. In this respect, it may be possible to say that the BAYC collection is on the list of the most valuable NFT collections.

There are 10,000 Bored Apes in the Bored Ape collection, which broke the previous record of about 70 ETH by CryptoPunks. Some of these NFT monkeys are worth millions of dollars.

Earlier this year, the BAYC project succeeded in passing the $1 billion sales threshold. In the early stages of the project, 326,000 ETH (approximately $1.06 billion) worth of project on OpenSea has doubled its price today. According to DappRadar data, BAYC’s market value today is approximately $2.72 billion. The average price of a single BAYC NFT today is about $300,000.

Celebrity support is the secret to BAYC success

Celebrity support is behind the tremendous success of the BAYC collection. Famous rapper Eminem, for example, bought his BAYC #9055 NFT for $462,000. This caught the attention of both Eminem and Bored Ape fans. Moreover, there are rumors that Eminem will dedicate a song from his new album to the BAYC community.

Another famous rapper, Snoop Dogg, has an entire set of “Bored Ape in pink fur” in his BAYC line. We can also see that Snoop Dogg frequently supports Bored Ape from his social media accounts.

In this period, when the number of NFT collections increases and their value increases, the BAYC project has a special place. The collection is breaking new records both because it is a pioneering collection and supported by many celebrities. It doesn’t seem easy to say that these records will also end here.

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