Indie support initiative Bright Gambit unveils its first five games

Founded by a group of gamers in January, Bright Gambit has announced the first five indie games they will support.
Bright Gambit Games
Founded in January, the company announced the first 5 indie games they will support.

The Bright Gambit fund, which was soft-launched by a group of gamers in January, announced the first five games, even though only four months have passed;

Aiming to help various studios around the world, the target audiences of the fund are studios that cannot be financed due to social or economic constraints, lack of opportunity in the region, or lack of financial support.

Many studios are forced to give up

A spokesperson for Bright Gambit made the following comments about the company;

“Because of financial constraints, many studios are forced to give up a large percentage of their dream company in exchange for relatively small investments, before even having the chance to work on their first game. Bright Gambit aims to bridge this funding gap by helping teams gather relevant experience and build a portfolio, which will give them a fairer negotiation position if they wish to seek equity capital later on, for example.”

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