Building and growing a game with your audience in mind – MBC 2022

Speakers from Liftoff, Kwalee, and Unico Studio shared valuable insight at the Mobidictum Business Conference on making audience-centric games.
Headshots of Aysu Yıldız, Greg Mansell, Chris Pett, and Uzeyir Baser

Greg Mansell from Liftoff, Chris Pett from Kwalee, and Uzeyir Baser from Unico Studio held a session at the Mobidictum Business Conference about the advantages of making audience-centric games. Game Refinery’s Aysu Yıldız acted as interviewer and host in the enlightening panel.

The session opened up with some chat about the speakers’ favorite games, then Yıldız directed her first question: How do you select an audience when starting a new game?

Uzeyir Baser, UA and Monetization Lead at Unico, answered that the company primarily uses market intelligence tools if the game is a new genre. If Unico has prior experience with the genre, the team analyzes the distribution of paying and non-paying users. They also use the feedback from users that have played their previous games and see if the earlier games’ target audience had proper monetization.

Chris Pett, Kwalee’s Publishing Manager, stated that for hyper-casual games, they analyze recent trends and check the information from their earlier titles and ads. For casual games, the experienced manager notes that they also monitor market intelligence. He also mentions that the audience that played the company’s earlier titles gets older, which means a priority shift when it comes to playing the newer games.

Client Partner from Liftoff, Greg Mansell, picks up on that idea and emphasizes that the ever-changing audience is crucial, especially for the casual space. He also states that analyzing whether paying and non-paying users are susceptible to ads would provide essential data for the future.

Yıldız asks the speakers about different monetization strategies, UA strategies, and enhancing communication between the product design and marketing teams. The speakers agree that all puzzle pieces must come together to make a great title, not just target the right audience, apply the correct marketing strategy, or get the creative flow. You can reach the complete session along with more relevant content by clicking the button below.

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