Turkish-made mobile simulation game surpasses 250 million downloads

Great success from the Turkish-made mobile simulation game, Bus Simulator: Ultimate.
bus simulator ultimate
Bus Simulator: Ultimate topped!

Bus Simulator: Ultimate has become the most downloaded mobile simulation game in the world. The game of the Turkish studio Zuuks Games has been downloaded 250 million times in total. The game has thus increased by more than 50 million difference to its most competitor.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate is at the top of the simulation category!

In the mobile game market, which has gained serious momentum during the pandemic process, the downloads of games have also increased considerably. The simulation game of Zuuks Games was also positively affected by this increase and became the most downloaded mobile game in the world in the simulation category.

According to a study by Research and Markets, the mobile game market, which reached a size of 98 billion dollars in 2020 with the pandemic, has a share of approximately 57% in global video games revenues of 173 billion dollars. The share of Turkish game manufacturers in the market, which is expected to reach 272 billion dollars by 2030, draws attention.

Finally, the domestic mobile game manufacturer Zuuks Games announced that Bus Simulator: Ultimate has reached 250 million downloads, making it the world’s most downloaded mobile game in the simulation category. According to the information obtained from the company, the intercity bus simulation game, which surpassed its closest rival with a difference of more than 50 million downloads, was recommended by AppStore as the “game of the day” to all users.

Zuuks Games brings together gamers from different parts of the world, especially Turkey and Europe, with a total of more than 500 million downloads and 95 million monthly active players. In addition to Bus Simulator : Ultimate, the company, which stands out with more than 20 games on the air, is preparing to release its new game, Truck Simulator : Ultimate, this month.

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