EXCLUSIVE: Cappuccino acquires Pirzola Games

Cappuccino invests in indie developers.
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Cappuccino, a Turkish mobile game developer and publisher, announced that it has acquired Pirzola Games, and the cost of the deal was stated as 500 thousand dollars.

Cappuccino is a mobile game development company based in Washington and continuing its activities in its Izmir branch. It is a team of 16 people, it is also the first start-up company established with angel investment support in İzmir. Cappuccino, which has been on both the casual and hyper-casual side of the mobile game industry for 6 years, has managed to rank number one in the top charts with its Pac.io and Shoe Race games.

Since Cappuccino comes from a start-up origin, they give priority to helping, guiding and providing financial and moral support to young talents who want to follow the same path as them. The acquisition of Pirzola Games in line with these goals has added a new one to their success in the game industry.

On the other hand, Pirzola Games is a team of 9 people and has worked with world-renowned publisher companies such as Voodoo and TapNation. At the same time, they developed and published 52 games for both the Google Play Store and the App Store in a very short period of 6 months.

After their first acquisition, Cappuccino’s CEO Gökhan Kılcı shared the following sentences with us:

“It is a great honor and happiness for me to have my brothers, who grew up in Cappuccino from scratch and achieved successes independently at a very young age in our family. When we started this business, the number of people who supported the game industry did not exceed the fingers of one hand. It is a great honor for us that this sacred geography has come to a good place in the game industry. Our investment and acquisition processes for independent developers in Turkey will continue this year as well.”

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