Capturing Reality joins the Epic Games family

by Berçem Sultan Kaya
capturing reality

Capturing Reality is known as one of the leading photogrammetry developers and they have a very popular software called RealityCapture, especially for 3D scans. Now this team will also work with Unreal Engine developers.

Full disclosure of the Capturing Reality agreement

Epic, which recently acquired the developer of Fall Guys, Tonic Games, has now reached a deal with a software company. With the announcement made on Epic Games’ website, it was stated that the company will now work with Epic, but no further statement has been made. The company’s old and new customers will be able to continue using the product as it’s intended. Stating that it is the latest technology software for 3D scans, Epic indicated that they are excited about this agreement.

capturing reality realitycapture

Epic wants to make it easy for anyone to scan the world in 3D.

In the continuation of the statement made by Epic, it was said that the Capturing Reality team will continue to grow and work closely with the Unreal Engine team to make their technologies more accessible and affordable. With this agreement, it is stated that the prices for existing and new customers will decrease to some extent.

RealityCapture is one of the most important software on the market

RealityCapture, one of the most important software in the photogrammetry market, has been a big part of the creation of Quixel Megascan since its inception.

“We are beyond excited to welcome Capturing Reality to our team and to accelerate our shared vision to enable anyone to scan the world,” said Epic Games senior director of Quixel Teddy Bergsman.

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