Career in Games saves companies time to reach new talents

Career in Games not only saves companies time in reaching talents, but also brings companies together with the best talents.
career in games
Career in Games is a bridge between the most special talents and game companies.

As Mobidictum, we see the difficulties in reaching new talents in the gaming industry lately. On this occasion, we decided to help companies to find talents with our sub-brand Career in Games. As a recruitment consultancy firm, Career in Games aims to enable companies in the gaming industry to save their time and to reach new talents from Turkey.

Career in Games is the bridge between special talents and companies

Among the services of the new recruitment consultancy firm, there are services such as CV review, collective recruitment, talent hunting that will enable companies to use their time efficiently. According to Mobidictum Founder and General Manager Batuhan Avucan, “Firms often cannot find the special talents they are looking for with job postings or they do not want to reach to the employees of other companies by their own name. Here we step in.”

Stating that people who are searching for a job can also apply to Career in Games, Avucan says that sometimes employees also have difficulty finding their ideal company.

Career in Games services
Career in Games services

Mobidictum, which has grown independently and with the equity capital since 2015, states that they can cooperate with all stakeholders to solve the employment problems of the industry today.

“Our founding goal in 2015 was to support the marketing activities of independent developers. Today those independent developers became company owners and created employment. Our mission has not changed since then. However, we will continue to serve independently and impartially,” Avucan adds.

You can contact the Career in Games website to discuss employment problems and the game industry.

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