CatPath became the first oFON team to release a hit game

by Berçem Sultan Kaya

Established in 2019 in cooperation with Tiplay Studio and Rollic, oFON, is an accelerator program that supports all mobile game entrepreneurs who want to enter the hypercasual game industry. CatPath, which was included in the ecosystem in 2020, managed to publish Joust Run, one of the most downloaded AppStore games in many countries, especially in the USA.

oFON coaches talented game-developers and gives financial and technical support to pave the way for them to be a successful startup that has achieved global success. With this feature oFON, seeing great interest from mobile gaming entrepreneurs in Turkey. oFON carries the ecosystem to the international arena in cooperation with GAN.

GAN provides support to its members on all issues that a startup may need. For example, GAN provides products and services worth more than $ 1 million to startups in its ecosystem, and also provides them with the network and coaching they need to achieve global success. The biggest indicator of this is that the success rate of the initiatives they support is at a record level of 85%.

CatPath releases the first hit game produced in OFON ecosystem

CatPath was founded by combining Burak Er, İrem Mert Özçakır and Umut Çıplak’s experiences in the gaming world. The company achieved great success with the Joust Run game and enter the list of the most played games in the USA. Joust Run is also the first hit produced in OFON ecosystem.

Joust Run

CatPath became the first oFON team to release a mobile game that made it into US AppStore top charts.

oFON through the eyes of CatPath

Catpath: “We learned the teamwork and how it works when it is in our own way; the importance of deadlines, but at the same time, to train and not to make mistakes. We understood the necessity of trying to produce products that can bring success. We have learned that when working with sufficient discipline and determination, it is inevitable for the desired things to come true in a logical way. “

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