Chinese players will start using their real names

by Sercan Tahtalı
Gaming China

Players in China will use their real names when playing online games after September.

According to the news of the tribune, the Chinese government will be launching a real-name verification system for games nationwide. The reason for this decision is to prevent players from spending too much time on online games. It is known that the Chinese government already has general regulations on games. Despite all these regulations, the game world continues to generate considerable revenues in China.

This new regulation to prevent game addiction will require players to log in to games with their real names. The names of the players will not appear in the games, but the Chinese government will be able to control the time that players under the age of 18 spend in games.

This decision of the government seems very sensitive, as China is a big market for esports and games. These regulations for game addiction are not only made by the Chinese government. Tencent is also working on its face recognition systems to prevent game addiction.

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