CloudFeather Games raises $1.25M for SDK offering new Web3 monetization features

The company will provide developers with additional income methods by allowing players to give each other rewards.
cloudfeather bounty hunting SDK
Bounty Hunting introduces new monetization methods.

CloudFeather Games announced it had raised $1.25 million for a new Web3 SDK called “Bounty Hunting.” The seed funding round was led by Lumikai. CloudFeather Games’ new toolkit offers new monetization methods for gamers and developers.

The mentality of Bounty Hunting is pretty simple: It’s a kind of bet system. Players set goals by making bets among themselves, and players who reach this goal get paid. What should be noted here is that both the payee and the payer are players.

Let’s explain with an example: Let the highest user score in a game be 95. A player from the community can come out and say, “I will give a reward to the one who reaches 96 points”. A contest is created, and players who apply for the competition try to reach 96 points. The player who creates the bet pays real money to the successful ones.

Here the developers make money through their games. The retention and user engagement of the games are increased. Also, some developers may charge a commission for themselves on this system. But there is no clear information about it. The company says this SDK will open up new opportunities for developers rather than gamers.

Romi and Yash Chandra founded CloudFeather Games. Romi Chandra previously led the engineering team of a poker-focused initiative in India. The founding team has a background in casino games and apps.

Romi Chandra says on the matter:

“Casual games do not have meaningful monetization avenues outside of ads and IAPs. Given this, there is room for disruption by providing a novel monetization avenue which supercharges game engagement without developers needing to re-design their existing game economies.

“Our first suite of features includes an innovative Bounty Hunting SDK which ‘democratises fame’ for game communities, allowing anyone to create custom bounties around their in-game achievements for the community to beat.”

According to GamesBeat, Lumikai’s Justin Shriram Keeling says:

“Romi and Yash have pioneered massive-scale system architectures for RMG platforms serving tens of millions of users. Leveraging their unique technical expertise in this space, they’re building a suite of competitive tools for any game developer to supercharge community retention and monetization, while also providing innovative and fun new experiences for gamers.”

CloudFeather combines the competitive side of players with gambling mechanics. But there is a critical difference here: The luck factor in gambling mechanics is invalid in CloudFeather’s system. The important thing here is not the luck of the players, but their skills. This kind of monetization system seems to be very useful for developers who want to produce Web3 or community interactive games.

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