Mobile games publishing platform Coda rebrands to Coda Labs

Goes all-in on Web3 mobile gaming.
coda labs logo with web3 promotional text

Mobile games publishing platform Coda rebrands to Coda Labs and shifts its main focus to developing and launching Web3 gaming experiences. Coda Labs will use its industry experience and know-how on creating gaming content with an emphasis on ownership, loyalty, and community.

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Following the rebranding, Coda Labs will operate in first-party Web3 game making, Web3 tech solutions for third-party games as well as competitive gaming products within this space.

Sekip Can Gökalp, Founder and CEO of Coda Labs, believes mobile gaming and Web3 have a lot to offer and it’s the team at Coda Labs’ mission to build games using blockchain tech that will drive new opportunities for developers. Gokalp further explained the rebranding strategy with the following words:

“The current model of platform fees and paid user acquisition is a boon for large tech platforms and a massive burden on developers.

“Coda Labs will place a stronger focus on social and community, and offer developers access to new and effective retention tools and revenue streams through on-chain technologies. Ultimately, we believe empowering developers will mean even better content for players.”

Coda, now Coda Labs, was founded back in 2019 by Sekip Can Gokalp and the company has seen over 100 million total downloads on its publishing platform; its ecosystem houses over 15,000 mobile game developers and ten million gamers across the globe.

The company launched its first Web3 project dubbed Infinite Arcade back in February 2022, and has been shifting its focus to Web3-based gaming projects ever since then.

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