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Pocket Gamer‘s last event this year, Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4, will take place online in November. Join the annual event, with free tickets we provide for you this year!

Unfortunately, due to the unusual developments since the beginning of 2020, it does not seem possible for us to travel for a while and physically participate in the activities. On the other hand, Pocket Gamer, which has held this year’s conferences online, promises to offer an experience close to the PG Connects events we have known for the last seven years.

Moreover, running events digitally enables many more participants around the world to connect with each other. Nearly 70 countries were represented at PG Connects’ conference in September. It is expected that there will be 1,500 representatives in addition to 200 speakers at the last event, which will take place in November.

Pocket Gamer Connects #4, from November 9 to November 13, features 16 conference tracks taking place all throughout the week, covering all aspects of the mobile games industry to the latest development trends. Participants will have the opportunity to watch these conference tracks live or recorded. Those who have the opportunity to watch the conferences live will also have the opportunity to interact with other participants and speakers with questions and comments.

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The results of the giveaway will be announced on October 27, 2020. Our team will contact the winners and send them an email with with a code to register the free pass.

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