CrazyLabs gives prizes with the Hyper Summer Challenge

CrazyLabs continues to give prizes to hyper-casual developers.
Crazy Labs Hyper Summer Challenge
Crazy Labs Hyper Summer Challenge

CrazyLabs promises great rewards to mobile game developers with a new competition called Hyper Summer Challenge, which is planned for the summer of 2021. Mobile game developers who will participate in the Hyper Summer Challenge are expected to develop creative and entertaining hyper-casual games based on summer sports that will mark this summer.

crazylabs hyper summer challenge
Make your way to publish the golden game!

What is Hyper Summer Challenge?

CrazyLabs continues to keep the mobile game industry alive with a spectacular competition that will excite mobile game developers this summer with the summer’s fast approaching. This year’s exciting hyper-casual competition will be held in partnership with CrazyLabs and MoPub. Mobile game developers, who will take part in the contest, will demonstrate their skills in game production and aim to be published by CrazyLabs and to be at the top of the App Store lists.

Hyper Summer Challenge CPI CTR
The distribution of the prizes for the CPI and CTR tests.

Aiming to encourage mobile game developers and stating that every successful game prototype will be rewarded, CrazyLabs says that as the rate of Cost Per Install (CPI) value decreases, the money reward will increase even more in the tests of the game ideas offered by mobile game developers. In addition, CrazyLabs allows mobile game developers to test as many games as they want. For this reason, you can increase your rewards even more.

hyper summer challenge ödülleri
Big prizes to be distributed in the Hyper Summer Challenge competition organized by CrazyLabs.

The prizes are divided into categories under three different names. The third biggest reward is named “Amazing Results” with a 5 thousand dollar prize, the second reward is named Phenomenal Results with a prize of 15 thousand dollars, and finally, the first reward is named “Crazy Results” with a 50 thousand dollars grand prize. In addition, CrazyLabs will give mobile game developers 500 dollars awards for each gameplay video that is accepted for CPI and CTR tests.

Services to be offered in the Hyper Summer Challenge competition

CrazyLabs aims to provide as much support as possible to mobile game developers to improve their games with success potential with the Hyper Summer Challenge it organizes. CrazyLabs will offer a support program called “360 Professional Support” to developers throughout the competition. Mobile game developers will have their own “Self-Serve Dashboard” and “Game Design Wizards” that will support games with high potential.

crazylabs support
CrazyLabs will be providing the best technical and general support to the candidates of the competition.

Participate in the webinars powered by CrazyLabs and MoPub for free

CrazyLabs and MoPub state that they can attend the webinars organized for those who want to participate free of charge besides the competition. Some of the topics of the webinars are money-making tips for hyper-casual games, player profiles, and industry consensus. If you want to attend free webinars, you can access the seminars via this link.


CrazyLabs MoPub webinar
The dates and topics of the webinars to be organized in partnership with CrazyLabs and MoPub are as follows.

CrazyLabs Turkey Leader Onur Uça invites all hyper-casual game developers to work with CrazyLabs. Uça made the following statement on the subject:

“As CrazyLabs, we offer hyper-casual game developers the environment they need to create hit games and publish these games globally. Developers can start working with us by applying to our hyper-casual game accelerator program called CrazyHubs that is available in Turkey, Poland, Serbia, India and Israel, or you can join the Hyper Summer Challenge and work with us with the hyper-casual game prototype you will develop within the Summer Sports theme.”

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