CrazyLabs will reward developers with up to $25,000

by Berçem Sultan Kaya

CrazyLabs, casual and hyper-casual game developer and publisher announced the launch of CrazyLabs Integration Kit (CLIK). With the platform, also called CLIK Dashboard, developers will be able to test as many games as they want by experienced publishers. Moreover, developers who join the new self-serve platform and pass the CTR test by November 5th, 2020, will be rewarded $3,000 per game. Also, developers who pass with a high score will be rewarded $25,000 per game.

The CLIK Dashboard offers developers the option to test their games and get feedback from experienced publishing managers. Thanks to the CLIK Dashboard, developers will be able to take advantage of working with a publisher without having to sign CrazyLabs’ Early Submission Program (ESP).

Open for all developers

“The hyper-casual market evolves on a daily basis. We developed the CLIK Dashboard so our partners can have full transparency within the testing process. This enabled them to think on their feet, act fast and top the charts” says Guy Tomer, CrazyLabs COO. “Not all developers have access to such a platform, such feedback from professionals or monetary resources. We decided to open our CLIK Dashboard for all developers, not just our partners, and we’re offering monetary rewards of $3,000-$25,000 to developers who’s game passes the initial CTR test.”

In addition to that, developers who pass the CTR test will be able to continue the publishing process with CrazyLabs experts who can help push their games to the top of the store graphics.

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