Cyberpunk 2077 boasts 1 million daily visits after Edgerunners anime and update

CD Projekt announced a combination of returning and new players and thanked the community.
Cyberpunk's V and Silverhand with the Night City in the background

CD Projekt has announced that Cyberpunk 2077 has recently surpassed a million daily players. The Poland-based company stated that the game had been visited by at least one million players every day for the past week.

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The player base increase doesn’t really come as a shock. The game’s anime, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, went online on Netflix on September 13. The show is comprised of ten episodes for now and received impressive reviews. Almost half (44.5%) of viewers gave the anime a ten out of ten on IMDb, and the total score settled at 8.6 for the time being.

An update with the same name went live in Cyberpunk 2077, marking the 1.6 version of the game. The update brought plenty of additional content, bug fixes, gameplay changes, and even a mini-game.

It is very likely that the anime combined with the 1.6 patch sparked a renewed interest in the game, effectively skyrocketing the player base, especially attracting newer ones. The game has had many problems since its launch, and gamers, even some that were expecting the launch since its development phase, decided not to play it in the end.

Another recent announcement from the company shared the development of Cyberpunk’s first, and for now, only, DLC titled Phantom Liberty. The spy-thriller expansion will see a whole new district added to the Night City.

The DLC announcement would logically increase the number of returning players, as gamers might wish to refresh their memories about the storyline before jumping into Phantom Liberty. CD Projekt has already stated that they will expand the Cyberpunk franchise further. It’s safe to say, for now, that the company seems to be going in the right direction.

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