Daily revenues of iPhone games in the USA announced

Roblox earns $3 million daily in the US.
US Mobile Game Market iPhone
The effect of the pandemic was also reflected in the revenues of iPhone games in the USA.

Roblox was the most striking of the iPhone games in America. The company has been breaking new records since the day it went public. The company is now making $3 million daily in America’s iPhone gaming market.

Roblox earns 3 million dollars daily

The mobile game market continues to grow day by day. In fact, there are even categories such as the football category that continue to increase their income despite losing mass in the past years. According to the June 2021 report published by Finbold, the top 10 most profitable games in the iPhone market in the United States generate a total of $11.2 million in daily revenue.

Daily revenue of $11.2 million makes $336.2 million at the end of the month. Online gaming platform Roblox is the highest-paid mobile game with $3.01 million daily. The company’s monthly income is 92 million dollars. Clash of Clans, on the other hand, ranks 2nd with a daily income of $1.8 million.

Candy Crush Saga generates $1.4 million in daily revenue, followed by Pokemon go with $1.2 million. Dragon Ball Legends, on the other hand, ranks 5th with a daily income of 917 thousand dollars. Other daily top-winning games on iPhone are as follows:

  • Garena Free Fire – $791.376
  • PUBG Mobile – $607.626
  • Coin Master – $481.712
  • Call of Duty: Mobile – $341.921
  • Homescapes – $329.314

These revenues are made up of in-game purchases and game prices. The most important reason for the increase in incomes is seen as the pandemic. The report included the following statements on the subject: “Mandatory quarantines around the world have forced people to search for entertainment on the digital platform. High-quality smartphones have made mobile games a viable option. These revenues are possible indicators that games are building on the positive impact from the pandemic.”

In other markets, the top 10 grossing iPhone games in the US average 6.24 million downloads per month. Candy Crush Saga tops the list with an average of 23,194 downloads per day. Pokemon GO gets an average of 22,331 daily downloads and Coin Master gets 21,715 daily downloads. Garena Free Fire gets 21,477 daily downloads, followed by CoD: Mobile with 21,436 downloads.

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