Dead Cells has sold 2 million copies in total on the Chinese mobile market

The success of Dead Cells shows that the Chinese game market is not all about F2P competitive games.
dead cells playdigious

Although it is difficult to enter the Chinese market, which is a huge mobile game market, mobile game developers and publishers are rewarded with positive feedbacks and high revenues for overcoming these challenges. The latest example of this is Dead Cells, published by the independent game publisher Playdigious and sold a total of 2 million copies in the Chinese mobile game market.

This success of Dead Cells is another indication that the games are finding new audiences as they move to new platforms in different regions. The action platformer from indie game developer Motion Twin also goes against the accepted wisdom that only free-to-play competitive games can be successful in China.

Playdigious’s Co-Founder and CEO, Xavier Liard, commented on Dead Cells’ huge success:

“We are determined to dispel the misconception that console-like paid games cannot technically and financially work on mobile devices. We believe the incredible success and massive reach of our local Chinese partner Bilibili truly demonstrates that there is a massive untapped market for premium mobile games.”

Bilibili Senior Vice President Shang Feng said:

“It is a great pleasure for us to bring a high-quality game like Dead Cells to the Chinese market. Bilibili users represent the trends and culture of China’s younger generation and their evolving entertainment demands. Bilibili Game will continue to prioritize high-quality content and offer more to Chinese gamers.”

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