Discord voice chat is coming to Xbox consoles

Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One users can use voice chat now!
Xbox and Discord logos side by side

Console gamers have been waiting for a long time, but the wait is finally over, at least for Xbox owners it is. Discord will be officially supported by Xbox Series X and S, as well as the older generation Xbox One variations. In fact, the highly popular voice chat application is already available for testing for Xbox Insiders, but the larger part of the community has to wait for a little longer.

PC users have been enjoying Discord and all the great functionalities that come with the application for a long time now. Cross-play is becoming more and more popular and gamers have been looking for a tool to break down the communication barriers. There have been some make-shift solutions for voice communications, but nothing can beat a voice app that’s officially supported on both PC, mobile devices, and now on consoles.

This partnership will allow PC and Xbox gamers to communicate with each other, breaking down all the barriers in the process. Microsoft says the trial period has already started, and select Xbox Insider users can now use Discord on their Xbox consoles. They’re planning to expand the feature to more users in the upcoming weeks.

Sony is also working on bringing voice chat to PlayStation consoles, and the company even made a minor investment in Discord, however, the voice chat is yet to arrive on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

How to use Discord on Xbox consoles

Getting the official Discord app on your Xbox is quite easy. All you need to do is press the Xbox button on your device, then head to Parties & chats and click/tap on Try Discord Voice on Xbox.

After that, a QR code will appear; scan it to connect your Discord account with your Xbox. If your account was linked prior to this update you will have to relink your Discord account with your Xbox.

Once your accounts are linked, you can start using Discord on your Xbox just as you normally do.

Microsoft is happy with Xbox Series X and S sales

In other news, Microsoft continues to make investments for the new generation of Xbox consoles, and the Big Tech is already collecting the fruits of its labor. Xbox One objectively did worse compared to its rival PlayStation 4 across the world, but for instance, in Japan, things were grim for the console.

Xbox Series X and S are doing much better compared to their predecessor, having outsold Xbox One massively in Japan and even outperforming PlayStation 5 sales on two different occasions.

The gaming giant also announced that Xbox is working with PlayStation legend Hideo Kojima to make the latter’s “dream game” but we’re yet to see anything related to this exciting project.

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