Domino Ventures shared its 2022 report

Over the course of six months, the DOMiNO Ventures team evaluated 12.700 startups, met with 3.700 startups, and conducted detailed reviews of 197 startups.
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Dutch-based venture capital Domino Ventures shared a summary of the past year. DOMiNO Ventures increased the number of its portfolio to 12 by investing in an average of two startups per month. The company, which started its operations in June 2022, focuses on Metaverse, Game and Artificial Intelligence initiatives in Turkey and Eastern European countries, targeting the global market,

Since June 2022, DOMiNO Ventures has added Hirize, Atlas Space, njoyKidz, Artifica, Cineshort, and Iftrue to its portfolio, respectively. Increasing the number of startups in its portfolio to 12 in a short period of six months, DOMiNO met with many investors and entrepreneurs at many events in six different countries during this time.

The DOMiNO Ventures team, which examined nearly 13.000 startups in six months and did 3,700 interviews, aims to increase the number of startups in its portfolio to 27 by continuing to invest in technology startups based in Turkey and Eastern Europe that can compete in the global market.

The company’s portfolio comprises 50% SaaS, 30% Metaverse, 10% Blockchain, and 10% Gaming startups. It contributes to the entrepreneurship ecosystem with 45 different ecosystem partnerships, 45% global and 55% local, with a total valuation of $148.7 Million.

Mustafa Kopuk, Managing Partner of DOMiNO Ventures said:

“With our large team, we invested in 12 globally focused technology startups in just six months. In 2023, in the field of Metaverse, Games, and Artificial Intelligence. We aim to make 16 new investments and make the invested startups important players in the global market.”

You can find the 2022 infographic below;

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To learn more about DOMiNO Ventures, you can visit their website.

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