Double Loop Games raised $8 million in Series A investment round

Managed by two female leaders, the studio received an investment of $8 million.
double loop games
Female leaders of Double Loop Games, which received an investment of $ 8 million.

$8 million raised in this investment round announced by the company will be used for the production of the mobile puzzle hybrid game. This game will be the studio’s first mobile game to release.

Double Loop Games is led by two female leaders

Positioning themselves as a women-led company, Double Loop Games emphasized that this financing tour was a big event for them. Continuing its journey under the leadership of Emily Greer and Shelby Moledina, the company includes former employees of important companies such as Zynga, Blizzard, WB, and Kongregate.

Hiro Capital led the investment tour, which included Riot Games, Garena, London Venture Partners, and other companies. As part of this investment tour, Hiro Capital’s co-founder and partner Cherry Freeman joined the board of Double Loop Games. The company’s female leaders stated in their statement that they will use this investment to launch the company’s first mobile game. This game will be a hybrid puzzle game connected with the social world. The company will also use this money to expand its team.

They worked in giant companies before

The company’s founders also said in their statement that their vision is to create games designed to be social, relaxing, and accessible for all types of players. Greer now serves as the CEO of the company and was formerly the former boss of Kongregate. The other female co-founder, Moledine, has developed games for a giant company like Warner Bros for decades.

Greer made the following statement on this subject: “It’s good to have a healthy bank account and grow. We always had a goal of collecting $10 million. It made sense to split this into two different tours. Much of this will go towards finishing the game, but the majority will be used for marketing and live operations.”

The company is very keen to finish their game, as can be seen with this investment. They will also create a budget for marketing, operations, and team expansion. The games to be released by the company in the future have already been a matter of curiosity.

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