Dr. Mario World withdraws from the market in November

The match-3 Nintendo game is being removed from the market.
dr mario world nintendo

Nintendo‘s match 3 mobile game Dr. Mario World is being removed from all mobile app stores 2 years after its release.

Dr. Mario World
Dr. Mario World is leaving mobile.

According to data provided by Sensor Tower, Dr. Mario World is Nintendo’s worst-performing mobile game to date. Since its launch in July 2019, it has managed to generate only 13 million downloads and total revenue of $13.9 million. Moreover, let us remind you that 5 million of the total revenue of the game was reached during the launch week.

The last date the game will be accessible will be October 31, 2021. On November 1, 2021, Dr. Mario World will be completely disabled. In addition, diamonds, the premium currency of Mario World, can no longer be purchased.

Which is Nintendo’s best mobile game?

Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo’s best-performing mobile game and has generated $891.5 million in revenue since its launch in February 2017. Fire Emblem Heroes is followed by Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which has earned $242.1 million since its launch in October 2017, and Mario Kart Tour, which has earned $222.3 million since September 2019.

Fire Emblem Heroes
Fire Emblem Heroes

Although Fire Emblem Heroes has been Nintendo’s highest-grossing game, it is also one of Nintendo’s lowest-downloaded titles, with only 17.4 million total downloads.

On the other hand, Nintendo’s best-performing mobile game in terms of downloads is Super Mario Run, the company’s only premium mobile game to reach 289.8 million total downloads since December 2016. The game is followed by Mario Kart Tour, which has since then 208.9 million downloads, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which has reached 60.5 million downloads since its launch.

The performance gap between the best and worst mobile games released by Nintendo once again reveals why Dr. Mario World will be shut down.

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