Draw It from Kwalee surpasses 100 million downloads

Kwalee’s portfolio of games has reached more than 800 million downloads in total.
Kwalee is one of the successful publishers of the hyper-casual genre.

Draw It from the hyper-casual game group Kwalee has also successfully spent its second year. Draw It game, which was first published in 2019, has reached more than 100 million downloads.

We know the hyper-casual game genre as “ephemeral.” But some hyper-casual games can defy time. Draw It had nearly 50 million downloads in the first three months after its release. The game has topped the arcade game category in 48 countries and currently remains the most popular puzzle game in the US. In 2021, Draw It was downloaded more than 10 million times and broke the short-lived curse of its category.

David Darling, CEO of Kwalee, said:

“Hyper-casual games never stop progressing, and we’re always looking to publish the next big hit, but games like Draw it never lose their appeal, and hitting 100 million installs is proof of this. It’s a proud ‘first’ for us, and we trust our process to deliver more games with over 100 million downloads in the future!”

Kwalee’s total download portfolio is over 800 million, of which 100 million is Draw It. At the same time, Draw It is one of Kwalee’s biggest sources of income. The studio is known to donate and partner with some charities with the proceeds of this game.

Kwalee Head of Development, Simon Platt, said the following about the game’s development process:

“Draw It seems like a simple game at first glance, but look under the hood, and there is a lot of sophisticated tech pulling the strings. Although we made many games before Draw It, none came close to the game’s wondrous design and technical complexity. I believe this is the special sauce that makes Draw It such a popular game still today.”

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