Dream Games increased its valuation to $2.75 billion with an investment of $255 million

Dream Games reached 468 million dollars in total investment after this investment round.
dream games investment
Brand new investment news from Dream Games!

Dream Games, one of Turkey’s largest game companies, announced its third investment of 255 million dollars as of today. The company managed to increase its valuation to $2.75 billion with its latest investment. Dream Games is now one of the most valuable game companies in the world.

The company’s first game, Royal Match, is one of the world’s top-grossing mobile games in 2021. Additionally, the game is among the top 10 mobile games in the US, UK, and other key markets.

As known, Dream Games increased the company valuation to over 1 billion with the investment it received in June 2021. After this huge investment, it became the third ‘unicorn’ in Turkey. The company makes a lot of talk about its investments and achievements in the industry, especially in the last 2 years. Founded in 2019, Dream Games manages to take its place among the most valuable game companies in the world today.

Index Ventures led the company’s $255 million Series C investment round. Other participants of the investment tour included very valuable names such as Makers Fund, BlackRock, IVP, Kora, and Balderton Capital.

According to the news published by egirisim, Dream Games CEO Soner Aydemir expressed the following sentences about the investment:

“By combining engineering and art, we ensure that thousands of details in our game are in perfect harmony. Thus, we are able to offer a quality gaming experience enjoyed by millions of users around the world.

Together with our teammates, each of whom produces world-class works in their own field, we aim to achieve many quality and permanent works in the mobile game industry.”

Stephane Kurgan, the partner of Index Ventures, who led the investment round, made the following comments:

“Royal Match became one of the most played mobile games of 2021 in eight months. Dream Games has become one of the best companies in the industry, thanks to the creative talents it has incorporated, the engineering expertise it has developed, and its exemplary work ethic. They have already changed the norms of what is seen as excellence in mobile gaming. We can’t wait to see where they go next.”

The news includes some clues about Dream Games’ starting to develop a new game in 2022 and the company’s future plans. In addition, statements were made that the company aims to hire 120 more people in 2022.

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