Duality Robotics and AWS showcase true city-scale simulation demo

The demo showcases the progress in simulation technology by joining the forces of AWS’s SimSpace Weaver and Duality’s Falcon.
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Duality Robotics and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have showcased at AWS re:Invent 2022, the power of their new jointly-made demo, “Rush Hour Emergency and Response Simulation in Smart Cities”. This demo showcases what Duality’s digital twin simulator Falcon can achieve when integrated with AWS SimSpace Weaver.

In the demo, a semi-autonomous, teleoperated Emergency Medical Services unit navigates a metropolis with over one million simulated vehicle and pedestrian agents, while coordinating its path with traffic information and assisting ground units. Usually, this kind of resource-intensive simulation would be subject to the limitations of available local hardware, but with AWS SimScape Weaver integration, Falcon’s full potential can be seen.

Duality’s CEO, Apurva Shah commented,

“Our demo offers a successful proof of concept of how such a simulation can be implemented. The EMS use case demonstrates high fidelity physics, photoreal rendering, virtual sensors, and real-time performance with over a million concurrent agents.”

By integrating Falcon’s simulation features with AWS SimSpace Weaver and by leveraging Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 City Sample project, Duality’s team created a city-scale simulation in three months. The simulation runs via several concurrent Falcon instances while AWS SimSpace Weaver tracks and manages the state information of each simulated entity so the spatial simulation functions as a unified, seamless whole.

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