EA Originals and Koei Tecmo reveal their new AAA hunting game Wild Hearts

The release date and images of the game have been published.
A Wild Hearts character shooting an arrow at a monster

In the past weeks, EA and Koei Tecmo announced that they are working on a new project by forming a partnership. The name and release date of the game, which the Omega Force will develop, have been announced.

The release date was February 17, 2023, in the published trailer. EA will sell the game on the PC platform in Origin, Steam, and Epic Games, also coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

The game features epic monsters and prey a fantastic depiction of feudal Japan. Koei Tecmo Vice President Yosuke Hayashi explains the game with these words:

“Wild Hearts opens up a vibrant fantasy world to players that’s as untamed as it is beautiful. With Wild Hearts, not only did we want to showcase the evolution, infusion and real threat caused by Kemono, but we also wanted to create a game where crafting was at the core of the experience, redefining what can be possible in a beast hunting game.

We have placed great care in designing our Karakuri to fit within the combat, and we’re excited for players to use these powerful mechanisms to fight giant beasts and traverse the world.”

The game will have crossplay and co-op features, as seen in the trailer. You can hunt monsters with your friends instead of fighting alone in the game. The co-op feature supports up to two friends. In addition, there are five voice-over options in the game: English, Japanese, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Stuart Lang, VP of Global Brand at Electronic Arts, commented on the game:

“EA Originals is a label for those who dare to explore. It’s a home for studio partners – like Omega Force – forging new ways to play from bold creative visions, and for players who love to discover untold stories and unseen worlds.

We are excited to follow the wonderful and critically acclaimed It Takes Two, from Hazelight Studios, with the ingenious mechanics, giant nature-infused beasts and epic battles of WILD HEARTS, the first AAA hunting experience for a new generation.”

Electronic Arts also joined in the price increase decision taken by Sony, Take-Two, Ubisoft, and many other companies. Companies that raised the price tag of AAA games to $70 did not receive a good response from the players. As with other games, Wild Hearts will be available in stores with a price tag of $70.

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