East Side Games Group expands Mighty Kingdom partnership

Two studios plan to stick together for more games.
esgg partnership mighty kingdom group
ESGG and Mighty Kingdom Group will publish three additional games in 2022 and 2023.

East Side Games Group announced that it has expanded the publishing and Game Kit partnership agreement with Might Kingdom Games of Australia. The two are working for a worldwide release of three more free-to-play mobile games on iOS and Android

Two of the three are still in their early game stage, while one will be based on popular licensed IP. All games will utilize East Side Games Group’s Game Kit platform —the Game Kit-Idle and other Kits in development—. These three games are expected to launch during the 2022-2023 period and will be published by East Side Games.

“This expanded partnership with Mighty Kingdom is a testament to the quality and performance of our Game Kit technology that allows for a material decrease in the typical build to launch timeline for mobile games developed on the platform. Having Australia’s largest independent game developer join us for an additional three games speaks volumes about our platform. We couldn’t be more excited to expand our relationship with Mighty Kingdom and can’t wait to see the finished product!”

Darcy Taylor, CEO of East Side Games Group

“Our work with ESGG has been fantastic thus far, and we’re excited to strengthen our relationship with additional co-development contract. Between our combined pools of creativity, experience and technology, we know that with ESGG, we’ll deliver rich experiences to players for years to come – both original stories and well-known universes.”

Philip Mayes, Managing Director and CEO of Mighty Kingdom
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